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CIBUTEX (Circular Business Textiles) Information & Inspiration Session

With more than 88.000 beds in Amsterdam and 50% of them being 4 Star hotel beds, gives you an idea why the Green Hotel Club finds the circular textiles relevant…
circularity through cooperation

Circularity through cooperation.

We firmly believe that together we can make a difference. That is why we have joined forces as companies in the textile service sector and founded the CIBUTEX cooperative.

from sheet to sheet

From textile to textile.

Currently, our used B2B textiles are recycled as circular textiles through cooperation with various recyclers using various technologies. Our vision is to enable new textiles for our industry through upcycling.

CIBUTEX continuous further development

Continuous further development.

We do not want to remain with the status quo. We want to work together to achieve our vision and invest in innovation and development for circular textiles and a circular economy in textile industry.


The textile industry causes a lot of damage to our environment. It is often characterised by the use of conventional raw materials and poor production and working conditions.


As a cooperative of different companies from the textile service sector, we would like to contribute to a more sustainable textile supply chain and enable a circular economy in textile industry through circular textiles in the B2B sector.


By upcycling B2B post consumer textile waste/resource and returning it to the textile chain, we want to

  • reduce the ecological footprint and
  • reduce the consumption of raw materials.


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