Green Business Club (GBC) Fascinatio is an impact organization with participants that focuses on concrete results by initiating sustainable projects. GBC Fascinatio is an independent foundation set up in 2022 by multiple organizations in the region Fascinatio.

Collaboration on local sustainability is gaining momentum. Among other things, it provides attractive business locations, a pleasant and green living environment for employees, attracts ‘young professionals’ and also contributes to the future-proofing of office areas and business parks.

GBC Fascinatio is a local impact organization in which companies and organizations work together to make Fascinatio more sustainable. GBC Fascinatio brings these companies and organizations together and organizes concrete projects that will make the area concerned more sustainable and future-proof.

In addition, GBC Fascinatio shares knowledge with GBC Nederland and other local Green Business Clubs through the use of the GBC Kennisbank.

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